Custom Made Orthotics

¾ Length or Full Length


Custom Made Orthotics and Biomechanics

Most people have a Biomechanical assessment because they are experiencing pain within the lower limb.

This pain can be anywhere from the back down into the feet. You do not have to have a specific sports injury, it may just be pain which is present when walking or doing a specific movement.

We offer our services in 2 ways:

Option 1 is that you can visit us for a biomechanical assessment at one of our Podiatry clinics in Ayr or Troon both located in Ayrshire Scotland.

or alternatively

Option 2 you can use our home casting kit to take an impression of your feet. From the cast we will be able to evaluate the position of your feet which will enable us to manufacture hand made custom orthotics for your individual needs.

For more information either:
call 0845 519 8929

email us info@dreamyfeet.co.uk

Podoscope Pressure Mapping

Option 1 - £210.00 per pair

Visit us for a Biomechanical assessment and cast impressions

Assess the patients posture

Casting box impression method

Impression of the feet

Plaster bandage casting method

Plaster cast of the feet

Option 2 - £180.00 per pair

Phone us or buy online and we send you a casting box kit with instructions on how to simply take an impression of your feet to enable us to make you a custom orthotic.

We will send you a casting box kit

Follow the casting instructions

Send the impression box back

And we’ll make you either ¾ orthotics

Or full length custom made orthotics

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DFO (UK) Limited

25 Fullarton Drive, Troon, Ayrshire, KA10 6LE.

T: 0845 519 8929

E: info@Dreamyfeet.co.uk

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Tel. 0845 519 8929

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Carbon Fibre Orthotics 
including Casting Box Kit 
and all Postage Costs
£180.00 per pair