Self Adhesive Gel Arch

 Supports (One size)

1 Pair £9.00

Soft Gel Ball of Foot Pads (One size)

1 Pair £3.00

Gel Ball-of-the-Foot Metatarsal Pads

1 Pair £13.00

Soft Density Gel Heel Cups (One size)

1 Pair £7.00

Soft Density Thick

Gel Heel Cups

1 Pair £10.00

Clear Gel Heel Grip Cushions (One size)

1 Pair £3.00

Gel Disc Gel Toe Protectors

From £3.00

15cm Gel Lined Toe Protector Tubing

1 Tube £4.00

Gel Toe Props For Hammer/Clawed Toes

From £4.00

Gel Toe Wedge Protectors

From £3.00

Soft Gel Fabric Bunion Shield Protector

 1 Pad £6.00

Gel Bunion Shield
Toe Protector

1 Pad £3.00

Gel Bunion Shield with a Toe Separator

1 Pad £5.00

Gel Tailors Bunion
Shield For 5th Toe

1 Pad £3.00

Gel range of gel arch supports, gel ball of the foot pads, gel heel pads, gel tubes for toes and gel bunion pads.

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