FootSupports Orthotics
¾ Length Maximum Support

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Rigid, Firm Density Orthotic FootSupports. Designed for high performance use, these orthotics provide maximum support and control of the feet. These functional foot orthotics incorporate a deep heel cup and moulded arch support which re-aligns the foot and helps stabilize the lower limb in the correct position, thus removing abnormal tractional forces and providing relief from related symptoms and complaints.

• This orthotic is designed to suit the majority of people who require extra support and control of the position of their feet.

• Maximum control and support.

• Particularly suitable for sports.

• These 3/4 Length Orthotic Insoles are suitable to fit most men’s and ladies regular fitting shoes, trainers and boots.

• Brushed nylon with a soft, cushioning 2mm Durapontex top cover makes this orthotic very comfortable to wear.

• Featuring a deep stabilizing heel cup with shock absorbing heel pad.

• Moulded and contoured metatarsal and transverse arch support.

• Designed to support and help re-align an over pronating foot, which is the main cause of many foot conditions including Heel Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Flat Feet, Painful Arches, Shin Splints, Over Pronation, Supination, Ankle Pain, Heel Spurs, Morton’s Neuroma, Bunions, Metatarsalgia, Aching Legs, Knee Pain and Lower Back Pain.

Overpronating Right Foot Viewed From The Heel Without Orthotic FootSupports  The Foot  Rolls Over With Orthotic FootSupports  The Foot  Sits Straight

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